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For baby’s first year, give the gift of classic toys! The new arrival will be delighted by the bright colors, intriguing textures and engaging sounds of our beloved line of playthings, and the new mom and dad will be touched that you chose a brand known for quality, safety and skill-building, inspiring play.
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Just recently, I was having a conversation with a friend who was asking me what was the best curriculum to use with her two year old. Now, as a homeschooling mom I get the curriculum question often but not normally in regards to a two year old. I asked the mom why she felt she needed something for her two year old and she told me that she didn’t want him to be behind his peers since he wasn’t in daycare like her older kids were at that age. That got me thinking about what I actually do with my two year old in terms of “education” and this is what I told her–at two I do nothing formal (even though I have been accused by others of using flashcards).
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It all made sense. For the past few years, I have gone through semi-intensive training by pediatric professionals in the areas of psychology, education, speech and language pathology, and occupational therapy. By the way, I had not majored in any of these subjects in school. Instead, I had to learn all about them to help raise my two boys who are often identified as twice-exceptional (gifted with special needs.)
Thus for several years, I have been doing what only a mom can do. I got creative and I tried things out. I aimed to have my toy bin look like an educator’s toy bin. Surprisingly, these toys were not always more expensive than what I’d find in big box stores but they were definitely better in quality. However, don’t be misled. I didn’t aim to “therapatize playtime” but with easy things like toys and gadgets, I felt like I could make their free time more beneficial. I just had to be more mindful when purchasing their toys.

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